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Things Fall Apart

Medium: mixed media(Acrylic and pixie gold dust plus glue on hard leather)

Dimension: 41.1x37cm

Artist: Chika Aneke

Still regarded as the greatest African novel, " THINGS FALL APART " authored by the famous African writer - Chinua Achebe , chants the slow destruction of the Igbo village culture by British rulers and missionaries during the late 1800s.
In an attempt to capture the lead character - 'Okonkwo,' Who in the ninety plus years old African novel that eventually snuffed the life out of himself by hanging owing to despondency, I ended up creating this unusual imagery and inspiring metaphor to equally symbolize the once beautiful country which is home to the most populous black race in the entire world today popularly known as Nigeria.
That Nigeria is literally dead and nearly out but urgently needs help is no news and should not come as to anyone as a surprise.
The above piece depicts Okonkwo - the Protagonist in Achebe's very popular novel," Things Fall Apart". Similarly, it is a metaphor for the once beautiful country called Nigeria where practically everything binding her people together today had all fallen apart and the center can no longer hold if no radical steps are urgently taken to fast-track her rescue in order to mitigate her her eminent eventual collapse.
The entire ensemble is alive with symbols fed by my immersion in Igbo "Uli" and Cross River's "Nsibidi" expressive systems, evoking aesthetic force and arcane power.