African Queen

I would like  to dedicate my first Blog to my beautiful mother Chief Mrs. Anthonia Ugokwe . A woman of strong virtue , resilience , and philanthropist . You have been the rock behind me in every decision I've taken in life , whether good or bad . I want to thank you for encouraging me to pursue this project . You saw the vision when I shared the project with you in Nigeria and asked me to go for it . 

The painting depicts the strength of an African woman(Queen) . In the painting , the woman is  carrying her child on the back and at the same time with a basket of fish on her head heading to the market to sell . As a single parent , my mom had the task of raising 5 kids after we had moved from Nigeria to the U.S  .  She worked extremely hard to cater for us and even put us through college .My mom had to sacrifice a lot so that her kids can be comfortable and have the best in life .  My mom also taught me that through hardwork , preserverance ,and prayer  I can achieve all that i dreamt of . 

I am thankful to the Lord for giving me a person like Chief Mrs. Anthonia Ugokwe as my mother . Thank you mom for all that you do and for showing the world what  it is to be an African Queen