Aragbada Steven is a skilled and expressive visual artist (painter) which has been an aspiration and a dream for him from early childhood till date. He always wants to improve, achieve new ideas/concept in his art, as well as loves working with other artistic colleagues.He has a National* *Diploma (N.D) in Fine art, graduated from The Polytechnic of Ibadan as a fine art student. Also* did he train to further improve in his art skill at the Universal Studios of Art Iganm Lagos Nigeria. However, he later went on to further his studies at the Obafemi Awolowo University where he graduated with a B.A in Fine Arts, he graduated from the university and currently a full time practicing studio artist.
His works are majorly captivation of moments in humans life which are peculiar and natural phenomena which stretch from the colonial times to current contemporary times also celebrating the black skin as an african(artist) further more patching positively the existing of blacks, diaspora, brown skin (Africans). As a painter, he uses colours and drawings as a medium of expression to document, freeze memories and moments for future reference which makes his art relatable also allows viewers connect more with is art
His works are currently exhibited in some art gallaries in Nigeria as well as outside the country. However, his paintings are been collected by private art collectors as well as art enthusiast