Oniosun Victoria Erioluwa (b. 1998 Oyo, Nigeria). She is a graduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife where she obtained her Bachelor's degree in fine and applied arts. She works primarily with Painting.

The figures in her paintings are depicted through simplification and abstraction, as exactness or realism is seen as being of lesser importance to the idea or inspiration behind each work. Her artworks are heavily influenced by her emotions and personal experiences, which come alive on the canvas. She now strives to capture scenes with her palette knives wherein expressions and body language remain un-detailed yet communicate volumes about our individual and collective life experiences, while exploring the themes of Companionship, identity and Mental Health. She encourages the viewer to make connections with their own memories.

Her works show a remarkable level of artistic expression and have been presented in several exhibitions, both physically and virtually. Her initial and current work styles were both displayed in these exhibitions, revealing her practical journey of artistic expression. She lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.