Oloruntobi Aina, who is in his late twenties, has a natural artistic skill and is dedicated to pursuing his creative enthusiasm and unique painting style. He is a Nigerian modern visual artist who works and resides in ibadan.
His distinct personal style dates back to his boyhood and can be seen in most of his works. with his enthusiasm for art. Oloruntobi is focused on the sensory nature of art, displaying a high level of originality. The majority of his art characteristics are permanently bonded to the twigs he uses.
He earned a National Certificate in Fine and Applied Arts from the federal college of education in Osiele, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, and a B.FA (bachelor of fine arts) from the famed Obafemi Awolowo University in ACE Ondo State. He believes that art is inborn, and he adores the fact that he has a strong desire to pursue it. He had overcome several obstacles in this sector, but his enthusiasm for art is unmistakable. He has taken part in several art exhibitions both local and international.