Eyitayo Alagbe is a talented, unconventional, Nigerian multimedia painter. The native of Ogbomoso, Oyo State is an inborn artist who started practicing art at a very tender age and he's currently studying for a Degree in the Department of Fine and Applied Arts at the esteemed Obafemi Awolowo University, having completed his Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE, Fine Arts) from the revered Emmanuel Alayande College of Education (Oyo), as a painting and graphics specialist (2019). 'Tayo's artistically distinctive practice painstakingly arrests the unraveled and unrivalled treasures embedded in the African continent; her strong, dark and enduring skin; her enviable culture and custom; and her esteemed communal and mammalian inclinations.
Through Eyitayo's canvasses, he seeks to narrate the African's lifestyles; her strength and struggles; her doggedness; unparalleled perseverance; and her unscripted beauty. While also delicately exploring and capturing themes that reflects children's innocence, artlessness, simplicity and naivety in order to give them a sense of belonging in the society.
‘Tayo's painting technique, where thick and toned colour-strokes are calculatedly placed and laced on the faces of charcoal – made subjects tells of his boldness at handling pigments while his narrations depict portraitures and documents lifestyles in such a compelling manner that has endeared his artistry to male and female cum adults and toddlers f rom all works of life.
Eyitayo's nonconforming art procedure, which has been branded Ayoism, due to its smooth and sleek looks, seems to stand perpendicularly along the borders of Impressionism and Harlem- renaissance and his art is informed by the not-too-palatable, real-life, everyday experiences and circumstances of the Black people and her hopeforabetter tomorrow.